Here, u will find more information about who I am, what I do, like,...

My DJ name is Dakta! (Dakta = Doctor in Swahili)

I'm born in Ostend in december 1975, and at the age of 16yo I started my dj'ing carreer

in one of the most popular (small) clubs of Ostend back then called

BLITZ (Chez Maurice)

I'm the proud father of Charlotte (picture below was taken @ her 8th birthday at 5am)



I worked for 5 years in a table dance somewhere in the town I lived, and was resident dj of Club Famous who closed its doors!

I stopped to work at Dream's Club where I've played the music for 5 years long! I miss the place and my friends I had there!

I played in a lot of places, and too many to mention!

My favorite artists are Phil Collins, and (laughing) Clouseau! (Yes! Clouseau)

My favorite DJ's are: TiŽsto, Armin Van Buuren, Hardwell, Martin Solveig, ...

My favorite party is

Sensation @ Amsterdam's ArenA

Jist click on the SENSATION
link herehunder to go to the dedicated Sensation page:


Thanx again for visiting my website

C ya.

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