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On this page, you'll find some of my Live Sets

So you can have an idea of what kind of music I play!

Recorded @ Home



Recorded @ Danscafe De Princesse (Koekelare)

Saturday June 1st 2013:

from 23h55 till 00h45: djdakta@princesse_20130601_2354

from 23h00 till 23h55: djdakta@princesse_20130601_2302

from 02h30 till 03h25: djdakta@princesse_20130602_0232

from 04h15 til 05h10: djdakta@princesse_20130602_0416

Saturday June 29th 2013:

from 02h35 till 04h25: Dakta@Princesse_20130630_0234

from 04h25 till 06h00: Dakta@Princesse_20130630_0424

This is a set I've recorded @ X-otiC Oostende a few years ago

Halloween Night 2007    Dakta on Halloween's Night 2007

Hope u'll enjoy the muze!


I will try to update the Live Sets more often than i did until now (06/2013)

Thanx for visiting my website.

I hope you enjoyed the music!

C ya,

DJ Dakta

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